Secondhand fashion is fast becoming more and more trendy, both when it comes to dressing yourself and your children.

So why should you give it a try if you haven't already?

1. It is no secret that children grow......and quickly! The cost of clothing your precious ones can sky rocket before your eyes when in fact you can get some absolutely amazing items secondhand for a fraction of the original high street cost. At Second Time Around we stock a huge range of brands from high street to designer and we can guarantee that you will never pay full price as our aim is to save parents money.

2. As our stock is preloved we have absolutely no idea what we are likely to get in, which means you can kit your kids out in potentially sought after ranges that aren't available in store anymore and you can pretty much guarantee that your child won't be dressed the same as everyone else!

3. We don't just stock clothing that is in season. If you book a last minute holiday in the middle of winter and need summer clothing it is very likely that we have got some in stock just waiting to be popped in to your suitcase.

4. You are helping the environment by preventing clothing going to landfill. Our ex high street and ex chain store brand new items are store over orders that would end up being disposed of. #reducereuserecyle

So what are you waiting for? Have a browse through our huge selection of quality checked clothing and see what catches your eye today!

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