Have you got your children's outgrown clothing or your maternity
wear to sell but you simply haven't got the time or energy to do
so? Would you like someone to take the hassle out of ironing,
photographing, listing items and doing either trips to the post
office or waiting in for people to collect when it's likely they
won't turn up? Would you like money in your pocket rather
than shelling out on fees that popular auction sites charge?  
We will take your clothing off your hands and do the hard work
for you, freeing up space in your home at the same time!
Here at Second Time Around we will purchase your good quality,
sellable clothing for the following prices:
0-6 months baby clothing - 50p per item
6 months up to 10 years old clothing - 75p per item  
We request that you send us a minimum of 10 items of children's clothing at a time with no maximum limit.
The following rules apply when selling to us:
- Please ensure that all items have been washed before you send them to us. This enables to keep our re-selling prices so reasonable. We reserve the right to refuse any clothing which hasn't been pre-washed.
-  Please do not send us clothing with stains, bobbling, holes, pulls in the fabric, fading, rips, size alterations, damaged/broken buttons/zips/fastenings, cracked motifs/logos.
- We will not accept tights, vests, pants/knickers or socks unless they are brand new in packaging. One packet will count as one item.
- Pyjama top and bottom sets will count as one item.
- We do not accept bibs, scratch mitts or footwear.
- We do not accept personalised items, fancy dress, clothing with logos on (such as school jumpers) or replica clothing.
- We do not accept clothing from smoking households.
- Any elastic in clothing needs to be in good order. e.g not loose.

- Regretfully we cannot accept any clothing that doesn't have a size label. e.g. hand knitted items or handmade clothing.

If you would like to sell to us, the process is as follows:
- Please message us via our contact form or via Facebook with details about the quantity, size and gender of the clothing you would like to sell to us.
- We will then let you know which week we have got a selling slot available and we will book you in our diary.
- We will be in touch on the Monday of your assigned week to arrange a day for you to drop your clothing to us or to ask you to post to us if you are not local to Hereford. The postage costs are to be covered by you. Please see our contact us page for our address details.
- Your clothing must arrive with us within your assigned week. If this doesn't happen then you will lose your selling slot and we will need to re-book you in for a later date.
- We will then check your clothing against our selling terms listed above. Please allow 3 working days for us to do this.
- We will message you to let you know the total cost. If you are happy to proceed we will send your payment via bank transfer the same day.
- Any items that do not meet our selling terms will need to be collected within 3 days or we can post them back to you at your cost. Payment for the goods we have accepted will happen once your other clothing has been returned to you.
Q: Do you pay more for brand new clothing with the price label still on?
A: Our prices remain the same regardless of if the item is new or not so it is entirely up to you if you want to send us brand new items in your bundle.
Q: Does clothing need to be ironed before I send it to you?
A: We iron all clothing for photographing purposes so this isn't a requirement.